I Posted Naked Pictures of Myself on the Internet

This week I posted naked pictures of myself on the internet

I had been thinking recently, and for a long time actually, how much fun it would be to pose nude. Not for playboy sexualized bullshit, but for art. I’ve mentioned a couple times to my boyfriend how I thought it would be cool to pose for an art class. He objected and said he wouldn’t want a room full of people staring at me naked. Fair enough, I understand. But I still wanted to.

My whole thing with being nude is this: I often resent the fact that so few situations are appropriate without clothes. Oftentimes I can’t stand but to complain about how something isn’t fitting right and how I would rather take it off. I’m not the crazy nudist who walks outside to get the paper naked or anything but if I could I would be naked the whole time I’m at home (but roommates, you know?). In fact I was very often naked (or near naked) in my apartment I shared with my current boyfriend before we moved out. I feel I have always been fairly confident with my body when a boyfriend was seeing me naked for the first time. I feel I have a great classic art body (though not the perfect body by today’s standards.) Think Venus de Milo. I just would hate to let it be seen by only a privileged few.

So the other day, for no specific reason, I’m looking at nude photography on a certain website and showing my boyfriend. I love looking at beautiful female figures. So we agree we both like nude photography. I suggest maybe we should do it and upload our pictures to the same website. It’d be fun for us as a couple and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do anyways. He agrees.

While I’m ok with random people on the internet seeing me naked (that sounds terrible), I’d prefer it not by my family and friends or anyone I may know, in fact. At least not for now. I don’t know what they’d think and I’d like to let it grow on me a little before I’m open about it. But I learned about this concept called anonymous nudes, and we decide I’ll leave my face out of the pictures.

So the next day or so I’m about to take a shower and I ask if he wants to take a few pictures while I’m in there. I saw a few shower shots that I really liked and wanted to emulate. So we decide to take few in there and a few when I get out; first in our bedroom in front of a sheet we hung up on the wall and later on the couch we decided had a suitable look for the pictures.

The pictures were awesome. At least I think so. And so we post them on an anonymous account on the certain photography website and get immediate positive feedback. A lot of it. I’m really glad we did it and excited to do it again. I’m hoping that soon we can shoot a few at a beach because I really like a lot of the sand and water pictures I’ve seen and would love to experience the thrill of being naked outside. And this is my big, fun, did-something-new story for today 🙂


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